Rules of Play

We follow USAV domestic competition rules with following rules/modifications adopted:

  • Match Format – Rally Scoring to 25 points in all non-deciding sets and to 15 points in a deciding set. Win by two. Match = Best 2 of 3 sets
  • If a team is reduced to less than 6 healthy players, they will be allowed to continue in the competition if they wish, but will play with a hole in their lineup. Only one ghost player will be allowed. When the ghost player reaches the rotation to serve, a point and service will immediately be awarded to the opposing team.
  • The only jewelry allowed is a flat band ring worn on the finger.
  • Uniforms: Uniform numbers (1-99) must be clearly visible placed on the jersey at the center of front and the back. The numbers must be a minimum of 4″ on the chest and 6″ on the back. (6″ and 8″ are recommended) All shorts must be same (except libero). Libero uniform(s) must be a contrasting color and should not include any color from the regular team jersey (except for the color of the numbers). Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black or navy/maroon are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.